Consider Flameless Candles for a Trendy New Item in Your Store

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Candles are an important decorative piece to any room, and flameless candles are becoming the new norm for many homeowners today. Unlike traditional candles, flameless candles offer a wide array of unique benefits that will turn many people towards their purchase. When considering whether or not to sell flameless candles at your business, consider the following selling points.

1. Fireless

A main benefit of flameless candles is their inherent lack of flame, which in turn means a huge leap in safety. These candles run on battery power, and do not emit heat like their traditional counterpart. Regular candles are easily mishandled, and can be dropped or tipped at any time. This mistake can lead to dangerous molten wax spills, broken shards of hot candleholders on the ground, and even deadly fires. By turning this into a sellable benefit, you can ensure your customers their safety with the purchase of flameless candles.  

2. No Heat

Without a source of fire, flameless candles don’t emit any significant amount of heat. This means that they can be turned on and placed anywhere in the house, office, or even business, and there is no fear that they will heat or burn the area around them. This also means that glass candleholders won’t spontaneously explode from being overheated. This too is an important selling point, especially for the forgetful customer.

3. Child Proof

The biggest selling point of flameless candles for parents is that they are essentially child proof. Traditional candles can cause children harm in a variety of ways, from dropping a candle and shattering its holder, to hand burns from touching the flames. Many parents choose not to even have candles in the house, so that their children cannot hurt themselves when they aren’t being monitored. Flameless candles however, can’t cause children any harm. They don’t emit heat or flames, which avoid the main causes of harm. 

4. Allergy Safe

An easily forgotten aspect of flameless candles is that given they do not burn wax; they do not emit scents or toxins into the air. Many people with allergies to perfumes and strong scents avoid candles in their home for fear of allergy flare-ups, but not with flameless candles. Marketing flameless candles to those with allergies to scents is a fantastic way to not only sell product, but also allow those who avoid candles to finally enjoy them. 

5. Alternative Uses

Given flameless candles are much safer than traditional candles they can be used in a variety of different places. Flameless candles are a fantastic alternative to nightlights in children’s rooms, as they can be simply turned on and off, and don’t plug in to electrical circuits. They can used as wedding decorations, from lining the isle to table décor, without fear of setting anything on fire. This means that flameless candles will not only be bought for a variety of reasons, but will be bought in large amounts of quantities at a time.
Flameless candles are a fantastic addition to any store, and should line the shelves of your business. They are significantly safer than traditional candles, and offer an overwhelming amount of benefits. These benefits will have flameless candles sell themselves, allowing you to see a profit immediately.  

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